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Print Surgical Guides

How to print Surgical Guides


Import the Surgical Guide model files into UNIZ Industrial

2. Orient

Use the manipulator to rotate the Surgical Guide model and orient parts horizontally with the intaglio surface facing away from the build platform to ensure that the supports will not be generated on these surfaces.

3.Generate Supports

Using the UNIZ Industrial auto-generation function to generate supports of the selected models.To allow for precise assembly, ensure that there are no supports in the guide sleeve holes or on the intaglio surfaces. Use the manual support editing function to add, edit or remove supports as needed.


If you print multiple models at once, you need to maintain a distance of more than 2 mm between the models. Place the model in the center of the build platform as much as possible


Select "zSG Amber" item from Profiles List on the right Tool bar,Click "Slice" button to finish slice.


Send the slice file to NBEE or SLASH 2 PLUS via LAN or Using U disk to copy slice files to your printers.

Start printing by selecting the print job on the printer's touch screen.