Oct. 14, 2019--San Diego, CA. ZBrush is a digital sculpting graphic software developed by Pixologic, Inc., and is aimed at empowering artists so that they can apply their skills in computer graphics. ZBrush is the tool that give users intuitive and visual control over the digital images they create.

Pixologic hold an annual Summit which is this year's largest event for the ZBrush community. This four-day event is packed with talented artists presenting a variety of ZBrush techniques used in real-world productions. (click to view all Summit presentations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMjnnUF3eJFdUfAkQG8pWk-_9En7qFSFP)

As one of honored sponsors, UNIZ showcased its most advanced LCD-SLA 3D Printer— the Slash Plus in ZBrush Summit 2019 which gathered a lot of attention from many artists.

During the Summit, Miriam Villegas (artist from Sony VASG) and Matias Zadicoffh (freelance artist in Argentina) won the giveaway prizes from UNIZ— Slash Plus printers!

With a high 75μm accuracy, the Slash Plus can produce fantastic details such as hair, wrinkles, cloth textures, etc. It provides a substantially larger build volume than most of its other LCD competitors, and up to triple that of smaller devices. This in conjunction with its large build volume allows artists to achieve larger parts with finer details in a way few 3D printers can achieve. A noteworthy comparison is that the Slash Plus’ speed which is 200mm/h while the majority of other printers reach only 20-50mm/h. This empowers digital artists by giving them more control over the amount of time they have to wait for figures to be produced.

(Design: Yann Berthonneau; 3D Print: Thomas Roussel)

“ZBrush is a powerful graphic software, which builds a bridge between artists and computers. Artists make a lot of excellent computer assisted designs. 3D printing technology builds a bridge between computers and real world. It can reproduce the artists’ work from the virtual into the real. We’d like to work with Pixologic to make more and better tools for artists and help them to create more brilliant works for the world.”

(Houmin Li PhD., Founder and CEO of UNIZ)

Pictures source: Pixologic and Yann Berthonneau (Artstation: lukas_haven)

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