The Highest Performance Large-scale Consumer 3D Printer Benefiting Everyone

The IBEE is a new generation consumer 3D printer that offers industrial capabilities at a fraction of the price. Powered by our revolutionary 4th generation SLA technology with a collimated light source and a 4K monochrome LCD screen, it is the world's first large-scale consumer SLA printer that can deliver accurate, crispy results and a perfectly smooth finish. 

7.5" × 4.7" × 8.7"
Build Volume

0.2 mm Minimum
Feature Size

Super Economical
Vat and film

One Click Print


Only a high-resolution 3D printer will get the job done with a crispy and accurate result. For many individual applications, the IBEE printer is the best and only choice.

Powered by
4th Generation LCD

After developing the large scale monochrome LCD in 2018, we pushed further and found a new approach to its power. Through a new generation of high-performance light sources, the light now diverges at smaller, tighter angles than the conventional dot-matrix light sources. This results in fine, stunning details. This is a seamless single light source structure with over 90% light power uniformity provides consistent high accuracy molding capability across the entire build area.

Minimum Feature Size 0.2 mm

With our newly invented 4th gen SLA technology, IBEE can make any task more brilliant. This machine is capable of delivering industrial-grade accuracy and details. It can achieve a superb minimum feature size of 0.2 mm with a super smooth surface and astonishing details. IBEE offers 3X more building volume than other SLA printers in its class, a total build volume of 7.5" × 4.7" × 8.7".

This is a picture of 0.2mm needles inserted into 0.2mm diameter holes printed out by IBEE.  

With industrial-grade capabilities, IBEE can deliver the finest details on this model clearly and precisely. 

Replacement ventilator valve can be connected to the ventilator seamlessly. 

UNIZ Maker with One Click Print

Ease of use has always been on our minds.
To help more people get their hands on the IBEE, we have done a lot of work on software improvement, and here comes the UNIZ Maker. It is designed for both entry-level users and enthusiasts.
UNIZ Maker features the One Click Print feature, and the print job has never been easier.
  Watch the video below to find out how. You can choose the model you need to print and hit the button. The software will automatically identify the best orientation to print and add supports, and starts printing for you. Just one click, and it's all set.

Super Economical Vat

Another notable addition to this machine is the vat. The vat and film usage cost is optimized to be long-lasting and durable. The resin vat is designed to be super economical.

The films will cost much less but with solid quality. Users will be able to change the vat film very easily in a small amount of time and at a fraction of the cost. 


Printing Technology
LCD Stereolithography
Build Volume
192 × 120 × 220mm     7.5" × 4.7" × 8.7"
XY Resolution
Highest Accuracy*
Layer Thickness (Z resolution)
25, 50, 100µm - customizable
Separation Mechanism
Polymer film natural peel up to 100x more durable than PDMS
Uniz smart support technology
Printing Speed
Up to 80 mm/hr
Dimension/ Weight
325 × 325 × 510mm [W×H×D]
12.8" × 12.8" × 20", 15.8KG/34.8LB
Operating Temperature
Suggested 18-28°C     (64-82°F)
Power Requirement
100-240V   8A   50/60Hz
Optical System
UNIZ The 4th Generation High Precision Light Engine
Cast Aluminum & CNC, Sheet metal
Flash Drive,Wi-Fi,Ethernet
Control Mode
4.3' Touch Screen
System Requirement
Windows 7 sp1 and up (64-bit only), Mac OS X 10.7 and up (64-bit only), 16GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1, Discrete Graphics
Advanced Features
Multi-printer management;     Built-in advanced model repair;     Ultra large file support (1GB+);
Compatible Format


The zMUD our first consumer-level resin,  formulated to be economical and have a balanced performance that combines rigidity and toughness. It delivers high precision, and a smooth, matte finish, with an accuracy that matches the IBEE's performance. We formulated this resin for IBEE, but it will also work for most of our printer models. 

In the BOX



IBEE is for designers and artists to bridge the gap between their complex ideas on screen and the creation in the real world. With the advanced capabilities, the print result will be exactly what you dream it should be.


IBEE is for small business owners to start up their early production, boost mass customization while avoiding manufacturing risks.


IBEE serves as a teaching tool to educators from primary schools all the way to universities — it creates concrete classroom experiences that make abstract subjects easier to understand. Within the time of a single college lecture session (1-2 hours), IBEE is capable to fulfil printing tasks with highly accurate results.


For people who find themselves in urgent yet unexpected situations, IBEE can be your life saving straw. As a reliable manufacturing alternative, IBEE plays a significant role, though it only takes up a small corner of your desk — it prints essentials and delivers them right into your hands.


An absolute beginner to 3D printing? IBEE is perfect for you to kick off the journey full of excitement! The printer, the slicer plus all the materials will promise you a trip that is easy, affordable and fun.


An ardent enthusiast for 3D printing? For you, IBEE is a dream come true. With a high resolution, a large build volume and a full-function operation system, it walks 3D printing into your everyday life.

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