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UNIZ Dental

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Dental tools simplify your workflows

High-speed slice and storage

Intelligent automatic support

Easy connectivity tools

OS X 11.4 or higher

Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher

Release Notes

Scan to Model

The Scan to Model tool allows you to rapidly create a diagnostic model from raw intraoral scans.

This workflow is completed entirely in UNIZ Dental, no 3rd CAD software required.

Label Text

With this feature it is easy to add 3d text over your dental models.

This is very useful to indentify the dental models after they have been printed.

This make your work easier and quicker.

Printer Connectivity

Here you can transfer slices to you printer directly via WiFi and Ethernet connection in LAN.

And also you can export slices to USB flash drive, then transfer them to your printer via USB port.

More Tools

UNIZ Dental provides many easy-to-learn tools to simplify your dental workflows,such as Position, Rotate, Duplicate, Repair, Split,Hollow,Hole , Label and Arrange.

UNIZ Maker

Applies to IBEE

UNIZ Maker helps you preparing your 3D models for printing in an efficient way.

Powerful Edit Controls

Automatic Supports Generation

Qiuck Slice Tools

One Click Print

Mac OS X 10.12 or higher

Windows7 sp1 or higher

Release Notes

UNIZ Cloud

Applies to IBEE

Cloud 3D models ready to view, download, and print for free.

Cloud allows you to check printing work and control IBEE remotely.

UNIZ Desktop

Applies to SLASH series

UNIZ Desktop provides many tools for preparing your print on your SLASH printer.

Customizable Z resolution profile

Unique vector-based ultra-fast slicing algorithm

Multi-printer management

Ultra large model size

Built-in advanced model repair

Mac OS X 10.8 or higher

Windows7 sp1 or higher

Release Notes