saremco print CROWNTEC is validated and approved for UNIZ’s 3D printer NBEE and curing unit U Cure. Users of UNIZ can now print permanent restaurations on the high performance printers using the strong and aesthetic material from SAREMCO™. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, UNIZ and SAREMCO have come together into a partnership that offers their customers unparalleled flexibility in their choice of working materials.

UNIZ offers professional solutions specialized for the digital dentistry. The NBEE 3D printer, recognized as the world's fastest dental 3D printer, enables fabricating customized surgical guides, dental models, and direct aligners in a single patient visit. With the addition of saremco print CROWNTEC, dental laboratories and clinics now have access to produce permanent crowns.

saremco print CROWNTEC dental resin is excellent for permanent crowns, denture teeth, inlays, onlays, veneers, and all temporary restorations. The CE-marked Class IIa and FDA 510(k) cleared 3D printing material, sets new benchmarks with superior physics, a wide range of colors, and its readiness to use at any time.

“UNIZ is to enable dental professionals to become more efficient and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Our commitment to meeting our customers' needs through innovation is further strengthened by SAREMCO's strategic partnership. We believe expanding our materials portfolio and enhancing our offerings will be crucial. At SAREMCO, we have aligned with a like-minded partner who shares our values and vision for innovation, while also bringing extensive knowledge of digital dentistry. saremco print CROWNTEC is a valuable addition to our NBEE collection and marks another step towards enhancing dental practitioners' results in caring for their patients.” says Houmin Li, CEO of UNIZ Technology LLC.

“Collaborating with UNIZ NBEE marks another important milestone for SAREMCO Dental AG. By validating our saremco print CROWNTEC with U Cure, we believe we can make it even more accessible for our customers to experience the superior quality of our resin. UNIZ is an innovative company with a solid 3D printing system, and we look forward to a long and successful collaboration with them," says Franca Schmid, CEO of SAREMCO Dental AG.

The printing and curing parameters for saremco print CROWNTEC are now integrated with UNIZ 3D printing solutions.

Technical Details

About UNIZ

UNIZ is a San Diego-based company specialized in the development and manufacture of dental 3D printing solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance 3D printers, post processing devices, and 3D printing materials.UNIZ has been revolutionizing the dental industry by setting new benchmarks for speed, precision and reliability such that empowering professionals to work more efficiently and create high-quality dental appliances with ease.


SAREMCO is known worldwide as an innovative dental company for more than thirty years. The independent Swiss company develops, produces, and distributes light-curing resins for restorative dentistry that stand out thanks to their biocompatibility and functionality. SAREMCO has been transferring its specific expertise in the field of light-curing resins to the development and production of light-curing 3D printing materials for several years. These include, among others, saremco print CROWNTEC for permanent restorations. The material impresses with its superior physical values, such as its high flexural strength of 135 MPa (average), excellent color stability, and broad range of indications.

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