When large supports are removed, there are often dents that take their place. However there is a way of repairing those models.


You will need:

-          A violet light laser pen (405nm wavelength)

-          Resin

-          A toothpick

-          UV Protection goggles

-          Sandpaper or file

-          Gloves


 Step 1: Prepare a laser pen, goggles and some resin.

There are three main types of laser pens: green light, red light and violet light. We will be using a violet light laser pen with 405nm wavelength (Note: It must be this wavelength). Either 50mW or 100mW is OK. You can obtain laser pens from Amazon or Alibaba.

Because UV light can be harmful to the eyes, it is highly recommended to wear UV protection goggles.


Step 2: Prepare a little bit of resin and a toothpick. Dip the toothpick into the resin and apply it to the support indentations. Apply a little more resin for further sanding.


Step 3: Wear the goggles and use the laser pen to cure the liquid resin. Normally this will take 5-20 seconds basing on different resins and the amount applied.


Step 4: After curing, use a file or sandpaper to sand the cured part. It’s done!


If you don’t have a laser pen or are unable to acquire one, you can leave the printed part out in the sun after applying resin to the affected parts. This may take a bit longer, but results will be the same.