The World Cup is the hottest match of the summer. I really wanted to watch the games, but it was a busy day at work.

Suddenly, I get a flash of inspiration from one of the BBC commercials!

It featured a 2018 World Cup VR experience in which the viewer could watch all 33 matches as if they were there in person! All it took was a VR headset and a smartphone!

It made me think back to “Ready Player One”. It would be such a great experience to be able to watch World Cup in VR.

I got so excited just thinking about it! I couldn’t wait to get home to try it out. Only...


… I don’t have a VR headset.


As I sunk into a crippling depression, I had another flash of insight. My buddy Joe left his Slash Printer unattended, so maybe I could 3D print my own VR headset before he comes back! It’ll be easy!

Firstly, I’d have to download a VR Headset .stl model from the web.

There’s a ton of tiny, intricate parts. If I used a standard FDM printer this would take ages! Well thankfully the title of “Worlds Fastest Printer” isn’t just for show.  It was like watching a Sci-Fi movie, seeing the parts rising quickly from a tray of liquid resin.

When the parts were done, I quickly rinsed them out in the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean out the remaining resin.

After a gentle wipe with some household tissues, the parts were ready!

Here are all parts.

Time to get started!

Yikes! Looks like two of the parts aren’t matching! Someone must have made a mistake on the .stl file we downloaded. We’ll need to modify the screws themselves in the .stl file, or remake it ourselves from scratch.

Since the Slash prints in incredibly high resolution, it would be quicker and easier to print out new parts than to sand the old one by hand. Looks like I’ll need to design the screw myself so lets start by taking some measurements of the pitch.

I sat down at my computer and popped open NX10.0. I hadn’t used this in years! It took me a while to remember how to use it but before long, I built exact parts I wanted.

Lets try this again


Added the lenses. Almost done!



I couldn’t wait to watch World Cup matches with my new homemade VR headset. Now we just have to install the app on my smartphone and we’ll be good to go!

Oh no...