Uniz Desktop Release Notes

This article summarizes the changes for each version of Uniz Desktop, the print preparation software. Review the Firmware Release Notes to learn more about the improvements that come with each firmware release.

VERSION 2.2.1 NOTES - June 5, 2020


  • Various bug fixes:
    • Resolved crash when adding short support manually.
    • Resolved crash that could occur while removing supports.
    • Fixed an issue where resin names were not updated when adding preferences for 3rd resins.

VERSION 2.2.0 NOTES - May 15, 2020


  • New resin types as follows and their print paramters were released in this update: zClear Aligner, zDental Cast, zDental C&B, zDental Denture base and zDental IDB.
  • Resolved various bugs.

VERSION 2.1.0 NOTES - April 22, 2020


  • Show and hide the operation ball.
  • The segment of slices change to be colorful.
  • Optimized the liquid level calibration process of the first generation machine.
  • Optimized conflict detection algorithms between support and models.
  • Optimized one-click printing function.
  • Fixed the bugs as following:
    • Solved the issue of the model size did not updated in time after been edited in time.
    • Mac export model is abnormal.
    • Support connection editing.

VERSION 2.0.0 NOTES - January 20, 2020


  • Reconstruct 3D rendering engine, realize real-time and dynamic rendering, and improve rendering efficiency.
  • New mirroring function.
  • New shortcut: Manipulators, Right-click Menu
  • Reconstruct Support-adding function: Increasing multi-level supports correlation, new support styles, new support parameter, and advanced manual editing function.
  • In the slice interface, you can customize the parameters of the third-party resin, and modify the layer thickness, cooling time and motor lifting height.
  • New logs function.
  • Multiple bugs fixed.

VERSION 1.6.0 NOTES - September 30, 2019


  • Now users can export STL file from Uniz software.
  • Now users can convert SLC to Uniz Slice file.
  • Multiple bugs fixed:
    • Abnormal hollowing during slicing.
    • Abnormal slicing after model were fixed.

VERSION 1.5.0 NOTES - August 22, 2019


  • Added a new function: One Click Print.
  • Added a new function: Auto Arrange
  • Adapted to the SLASH 2 BETA printer type
  • Fixed some bugs

VERSION NOTES - June 26, 2019


  • Improved stability of support feet generating algorithm.
  • Fixed bug of reading/writting .uniz file

VERSION NOTES - June 13, 2019


  • Improved Support function
    • Added Head Type option.
    • Added Base Type option.
    • Added Base Thickness option.
    • Improved manual edit support function.
  • Improved display performance on high resolution monitor.
  • Fixed some bugs.

VERSION NOTES - March 30, 2019


  • Added support for a new printer: SLASH J.
  • Added support for a new material: zHIPS YELLOW.
  • Added Offset option to slice. Users can set Offset value in Advanced Settings.
  • Shrink unit in the slicing function was changed into mm from pixel.
  • License option was added to user-uploaded models.
  • Model repair function was improved.
  • Bugs solved:
    • Compatibility issues of uniz file in previous version were solved.
    • Files with same name covering issues in historical slices were solved.
    • The default exposure time error of a few resins was solved.

VERSION NOTES - January 7, 2019


  • Slice Parameter Settings
    • Added Preferences. Users can set the slice parameters as a customized preference for the next printing.
    • Added LED Power settings. The LED Power setting has been removed from the Advanced Settings interface to the Slice Parameter Settings interface compare to the old version.
    • Deleted the restore default exposure time. The exposure time is no longer recorded, so there is no need to restore the default recommended exposure time.
  • Added the function of loading model management. It Implements the function of the selection, visibleness, duplicating, and deletion of currently loaded models.
  • Added the replacement reminder function when the running time of the accessories such as air pump and resin pump tube exceeded the critical level of lifetime, and the function of resetting the running time after the replacement of the accessories.
  • Strengthened the function of modifying the gap error.
  • Added the function of checking reminder of the resin tank before starting to print.
  • Fixed multiple bugs
    • Solved the bug of without saving the modification when saving the Uniz file.
    • Solved the abnormal display of the text and window on the high resolution monitor.
    • Solved the abnormity of switching printer type when loading models.
    • Solved the abnormity of deleting the first slicing segment on the Slice Parameters Setting interface.

VERSION NOTES - November 17, 2018


  • Increased the function of manually setting the number of the current section layers 
    • Double click the selected section bar, enter the number of layers, and press "Enter" to complete the modification.
  • Renewed the icons on the top of the software
  • Fixed multiple bugs
    • Fixed the bug of unit conversion after multiple scaling of the model in inches
    • Fixed the bug of using the shortcut keys "+" and "-" to increase and decrease the number of layers when setting slice parameters

VERSION NOTES - October 30, 2018


  • Added Example Prints, double-click to slice and print, to validate whether printer is in good working condition, available for both Natural Peel and UDP modes. Improved the matchup of Resin Type and Thickness as well as Exposure Time.
  • Model unit detection is added, switch between mm and inches is now possible.
  • Added UDP print mode introduction and slice parameter setting.
  • Added print report function.
  • Reworked main interface button icons.
  • Fixed some bugs

VERSION NOTES - October 10, 2018


  • Added a prompt function of "What's new"
  • Improved the matchup of Resin Type and Thickness as well as Exposure Time
  • Set Cool Down Time to zero automatically under UDP mode
  • Added detection and prompt of erroneous Exposure Time
  • Fixed bugs:
    • The support parameters are not updated timely with the change of the printer type
    • The section parameters are not updated timely with the change of the resin type

VERSION NOTES - August 14, 2018


  • Adaptive to new models of printers: SLASH OL/ SLASH PLUS UDP/ SLASH PRO OL/ SLASH PRO/ SLASH PRO UDP/ SLASH DJ2/ SLASH J UDP/ zSLTV-15
  • Improved slice function: add UDP mode and parameter settings for the first three layers
  • Added slice 3D display function
  • Added slice contraction and expansion function
  • Added slice filling function
  • Added base, connection and tilt angle options in Support
  • Added network and fixed IP address settings
  • Added Spanish to language settings
  • Added uploaded model management function
  • Fixed some bugs

VERSION NOTES - April 19, 2018


  • Optimized the detection algorithm of the model data validity
  • Added parameter display for existing slices
  • Added maximum and minimum limits for the exposure time
  • Improved the function of real-time detecting and monitoring model parameters changes
  • Fixed the bug that the linkage between the layer thickness and the exposure time is abnormal under extreme conditions
  • Fixed the bug appeared when consecutively using the shortcuts of "Select All" and "Duplicate Selected"

VERSION NOTES - March 9, 2018


  • Combine Uniz and Uniz+ into Uniz. You may choose printer type upon software start up
  • Added a new function for searching printer in LAN
  • Added a new function of printer WIFI setting via USB
  • Added a new function of activating or reactivating the printer with the current logged-in account
  • Added a new function of upgrading the printer firmware to the latest version
  • Added a new function of registering the printer to loT, turning on/off the remote monitor camera
  • Optimized model repairing algorithm
  • Bug Fixes

VERSION NOTES - December 9, 2017


  • Display the SN and the alias of the printer simultaneously
  • Corrected the algorithm that transforms the Quaternion to the Euler Angle
  • Improved USB communication function of the printer
  • Bug Fixes

VERSION NOTES - October 27, 2017


  • Improved USB plug-and-play/accidental disconnect function
  • Improved function of manual support structures
  • Bug Fixes

VERSION NOTES - September 30, 2017


  • Pre-validated online model store
  • Handy slice management
  • Customizable Z resolution
  • Intelligent automatic support
  • Advanced printer control
  • Single printer control
  • Standard model size (Up to 400MB)