Ideal Size For Footwear / Industrial Parts

High Quality Printed Parts

Reliable Industrial Design

Ultimate possibility with larger printing space and simpler workflow.

Industrial printing has never been so easy and fast with the Liquid Crystal Display.

High Efficiency Liquid Cooling

Maintain System Temperature Below 40℃

Micro-Stereo Composite

Patent Low Force Stereo Peel Technology

Resin Temperature Control System

Maintain Optimal Reaction Temp

High Power Collimated Light Source

16mW / cm² High Power, 95% Uniformity

Technical Specification

Printing Technology :
LCD Stereo Lithography
Build Volume:
192 × 120 × 380mm
7.5" × 4.7" × 15.0"
XY Resolution:
Maximum Accuracy*:
490 × 490 × 1500 mm [W×H×D]
20" × 20" × 59", 69KG / 152LB
Power Requirement:
110V 6A / 220V 3A
60Hz / 50Hz
USB Flash Drive, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Control Panel:
7" Touch Screen

*Maximum accuracy only achievable at integer multiples of smallest pixel sizes.


01 3D File Slicing

Generate printing profile in UNIZ slicing software with powerful tools, functions, and layout. Send the file to the printer.

02 Printer Preparation

Fill a proper amount of printing material into the resin tank, then load your build platform and resin tank.

03 Print

Follow the instructions on the touchscreen, select the file and get the print started.

04 Post-Processing

Remove parts from the build platform and support. Then wash and cure your printing parts.

Incredible Part Quality

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