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NBEE is the winner in matter of speed

Dr. Björn Ludwig

August 2022

I guess the NBEE is the winner in matter of speed,and my expert on this = Christian, as well.

NBEE meets dental practice’s need

Dr. Christian Brenes

August 2022

After a few months of using the NBEE 3d printer by Uniz; here are some of the key points of the evaluation; the complete eval will be in the online course.
1. Very easy to use hardware and software. Huge build plate to fit about 5-6 models horizontally and about 24 vertically. 2. The printer is big but is very fast, faster then slash. 3. The surface finish is quite good compare to many other printers. 4. More ideal for labs due to its size; more limited resins but the company is incorporating many resins in the next few months- open architecture is my thing. 5. Truly plug and play with built in wifi or Ethernet. 6. Built in touch screen and heater.

Resins had great success on NBEE

April 2022

We have been busy doing validation work with several resins on NBEE and have had great success. The parts look great, and the speed is impressive. We would really like to show you our results and how we can help create good resin partnerships with our resin partners to quickly boost visibility and sales.

Remarkable accuracy

April 2022

We just wanted to say that straight out of the box the resins have been great, and our tests show that it is very accurate (something which is very important within dentistry).It is as accurate as one of our other printers which has been our main printer for a long time; because it is so good we will more than likely look into getting another unit or two from you in the future.

Impressive speed and resolution

March 2022

The resolution and speed of the UNIZ Slash 2 machine is very impressive. I'm giving the UNIZ a go at what I do a lot in my lab... monolithic restorations and models.

Fastest printer indeed

March 2022

Not all dental 3D printers are the same. Like their saying, NBEE does change the digital dentistry, and this machine prints faster than any I've ever used.

Fine accuracy and smooth surface

Feburary 2022

3D printing enables different additive manufacturing techniques to be used in dentistry, providing better workflows and more satisfying clinical results. UNIZ provides me a low cost and relatively fast printing experience.

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