October 12-14, 2023 - Budapest Dental World, a prestigious international event in the field of orthodontics, is currently underway, attracting dental professionals and manufacturers from around the globe. Among the leading exhibitors is UNIZ, renowned for its cutting-edge dental printing solutions. UNIZ is showcasing its latest innovations, including the revolutionary NBEE 3D printer, post-curing devices, slicing software, and a wide range of high-quality resins.

Chairside 3D printing has been a game-changer in the field of dentistry, enabling dental practices to provide same-day services to their patients. UNIZ's NBEE is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-speed dental 3D printing, allowing users to 3D print 6 full arches in just 5 minutes. With its world-record speed, NBEE empowers dental professionals to enhance the efficiency of their clinics and deliver superior, customized dental care.

At Budapest Dental World 2023, UNIZ is also presenting a comprehensive workflow that optimizes dental procedures. As part of UNIZ's product portfolio, the addition of U Air aims to minimize resin odors within dental facilities, creating a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff. Additionally, in order to improve the efficiency of separating printed dental models, we have developed the automated U Detach, which significantly boosts productivity. Furthermore, UNIZ provides a variety of solutions that enable dental clinics to achieve a genuine same-day workflow, streamlining the entire process.

We firmly believe that NBEE's unmatched performance provides dental professionals and dentists with the cutting-edge printing solution they need.For more information you may need, please visit our website: www.uniz.com and contact us at sales@uniz.com.

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