Dental World 2023 – Budapest, one of the premier events in the dental industry, is scheduled to take place from12-14 October at Hungexpo Fair Center, Budapest, Hungary. This exhibition brings together dental professionals and businesses from around the world, providing a platform for extensive exchange and in-depth discussions on the latest advancements in dental devices, materials, software, and services. It is an opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and industry trends, including digital and intelligent equipment, oral medicine, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

UNIZ, a pioneer and leader in global LCD curing technology, is excited to participate in Dental World 2023. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been dedicated to technological innovation, patent technology, and product upgrades. Our personalized digital dental solutions have earned praise from clinics and denture manufacturers worldwide. One of our core technologies is 3D printing, which plays a vital role in advancing digital dental technology.

In the realm of digital dental applications, speed and accuracy are crucial. Our star product, NBEE, currently holds the title of the world's fastest dental model printing device and is anticipated to generate significant attention at this year's Dental World exhibition. Alongside NBEE, we will showcase a fully integrated dental solution comprising 3D printing equipment, post-processing equipment, dental slicing software, and a range of resin applications. These comprehensive solutions cater to the diverse needs of clinics and denture manufacturers, enabling more efficient and precise digital dental production methods.

3D printing technology is an integral component of digital dental technology, and its development is rapidly accelerating. With UNIZ's advanced 3D printing technology, ultra-fast 3D printing equipment, and high-precision dental materials, dentists can maximize their efficiency and provide superior treatment plans and care for their patients. We remain committed to maintaining our leading position in technological innovation and patent technology, offering customers comprehensive and efficient digital dental solutions. As the future of digital dental technology expands, UNIZ will continue to play a pivotal role in contributing to the industry's development.

At Dental World 2023 – Budapest, UNIZ will showcase our innovative technology advantages and strengths. We look forward to exploring the forefront and applications of digital dental technology alongside industry experts from around the world, contributing to its ongoing advancement.

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