February 22-24, the 39th Annual LAB DAY Chicago opened its doors in Chicago, marking a premier event in the dental industry that attracted dental professionals and manufacturers from around the world. This grand event not only boasted an immense scale but also focused on the latest developments and innovations in the field of dental technology. Attendees had the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with cutting-edge digital technology, new materials, and the forefront trends in dental techniques. Additionally, they had the chance to connect with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers, share experiences, and deepen collaborative relationships.

As pioneers and leaders in global LCD light-curing technology, UNIZ has been dedicated to continuous innovation of core technology since its establishment in 2015. Actively filing for technical patents and consistently upgrading products, UNIZ has garnered praise from global partners such as clinics and denture manufacturers in the personalized digital dental market. Notably, their flagship product, the ultra-high-speed dental 3D printer - NBEE, not only meets the high-speed demands of dental 3D printing but has also become a paradigm of chairside 3D printing solutions. NBEE boasts an astonishing printing speed, capable of producing 6 dental models in just 5 minutes or completing the printing of 10 clear aligners in 29 minutes. This high-efficiency technology enables dental professionals to maximize clinic efficiency, providing unparalleled customized dental care to patients.

Beyond NBEE, UNIZ will also showcase a comprehensive dental integrated workflow solution, including 3D printing equipment, post-processing devices, dental slicing software, and a variety of resin applications. 3D printing technology plays a crucial role in digital dental technology, and UNIZ, with its advanced 3D printing technology, ultra-high-speed 3D printing equipment, and high-precision dental materials, can rapidly achieve efficient digital dental production to meet the diverse needs of patients and doctors.

During the LabDay seminar, we were honored to have Dr. Gabriel Miranda and a team of researchers from St. Louis University present on their experience with the NBEE process. Their insightful discussion centered around optimizing clear aligner outcomes through direct printing technology. We demonstrated how us successfully printed a full set of 8 invisible aligners in just 29 minutes. This remarkable printing speed not only captured the attention of renowned dental experts but also sparked immediate discussions among the audience. In contrast to traditional production methods, which typically take 1 to 2 weeks, utilizing direct printing technology and the specialized resin material employed by NBEE enables the effortless creation of 5 pairs of invisible aligners within 29 minutes, significantly enhancing the quality of invisible orthodontic treatments.

At this exhibition, UNIZ collaborates with the Swiss permanent crown material brand Saremco, conducting on-site academic exchanges using the NBEE ultra-high-speed printer and CrownTec material, presenting a remarkable digital innovation to the audience. We have invited Dr. Celin Arce, DDS, as a guest speaker to deliver a professional and in-depth academic presentation. With NBEE, it only takes a short 16 minutes to complete the printing of 5 crowns, and in combination with the U Cure post-processing device, doctors can effortlessly experience a more efficient and precise dental workflow.

This digital innovation brings more convenience and efficiency to the dental industry. We believe that UNIZ's spectacular presence at LAB DAY Chicago will inject new momentum into digital dentistry, showcasing its excellence in technological innovation and strength. For more information, feel free to visit our official website: www.uniz.com or contact us at sales@uniz.com.