EXCIT3D Gmbh, a 3D Printing service provider, managed to integrate UNIZ’s cutting edge 3D Printer into their Full 3D Treatment Solution for Solingen Municipal Hospital in Germany. The treatment solution combines Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Printing in order to produce a solution that reduces treatment times and increases success rates of fracture and orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Sascha Flohé, Chief Physician of traumatology, orthopedics and hand surgery at Solingen Municipal, explains how this treatment is implemented.

Dr. Sascha Flohé shown 3D printed bone models

EXCIT3D’s digitized workflow can go from generating a 3D model from current CT or MRT data to fully simulating in AR, VR and 3D printing in a matter of hours.

Augmented Reality allows for an accurate visual analysis in a 3D world space. “We could rotate and check it from different angels,” Professor Sascha Flohé explained. This form of bone and joint inspection gives surgeons critical insight that may greatly improve patient outcome.

Using specialized software developed by EXCIT3D, surgeons could simulate the operation in a virtual setting to better evaluate potential operation procedures and reduce the risk of surgical errors.

Operators can also make use of 3D printed parts prior to and during an operation. “A faithful replica of the body site that can be taken in hand gives an even more precise impression, and it saves time” says professor Flohé. UNIZ’s high speed print times are crucial in making sure surgeons are able to acquire the printed parts within time constraints.

“The expertise available in one location can be passed on over great distances. Experts from around the world can assist with remote-controlled robots, their second ego, at the site of the operation. The usefulness of these innovations is what we stand for.” Mr. Werner Koch, Managing Director of EXCIT3D GmbH, concluded.

Our main goal in technological development is to improve the livelihood for as many people as we can. UNIZ‘s ongoing mission is to provide better and more efficient solutions to problems in healthcare and abroad.


(Picture source: WDR and EXCIT3D)

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