Revolutionize your dental practice with the NBEE
Time saving and productivity has never been more accessible.

World Record Speed

6 Full arches in 5 Minutes

State-of-art Accuracy

±50μm, Up to 95.87%

±100μm, Up to 99.91%

Testimonials from Professionals

  • Dr. Melissa D Shotell, DMD, MS

    - Board-Certified Orthodontist

    - Orthodontic Consultant at Sonora Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics

    The print speed is amazing!

    Live printing of 6 arches in 5 minutes. I had them run the demo for me and it was incredible to see 6 arches print so fast! Uniz is also verified for direct printing aligners when Graphy resin. It is going to be great to see how the speed of this technology can work for same day starts!

  • Dr. Kenji Ojima

    - President of JAPAN Academy of Aligner Orthodontics

    - KOL DSD/Aligner

    The most fastest 3D printer!

    Thank you to Graphy and Uniz team today we start to manufacture about Shape memory Aligner from the most fastest 3D printer “UNIZ NBEE”.

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